The most comprehensive collection of information on the MKIV Supra with facts and details valid for all versions.

Here you will find detailed information on all specifications of the Supra JZA80, details about their differences, charts, technical information and many more.
Unlike many others our site wants to keep the focus on all MKIV versions, not only limited to either US-Spec, EU-Spec or J-Spec vehicles.

Videos, Images and Downloads about the MKIV Toyota Supra

Pure acceleration. Drag races, Drifts and Showcars. Scans from magazines, Brochures and Reports can be also found here.

The Platform for meeting friends and people also infected by the MKIV-Virus

This is our forum. Foreign and not german-speaking guests are most welcome.
The lingua franca is German, but most users will understand English, too. This goes out especially to our European friends, US-Army members and people from all around the world, who want to attend meetings and want to meet other Supra enthusiasts.


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04. December 2016
Der ADAC-Präsident August Markl will im Mai 2017 zur Wiederwahl antreten.
04. December 2016
Bundesverkehrsminister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) wehrt sich gegen die Kritik aus Österreich an der Pkw-Maut.
03. December 2016
In Hamburg hat am Samstagmorgen ein mit vier jungen Männern besetzter Pkw ein Geländer an der Niederbaumbrücke durchbrochen und ist in den...